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Reblogging, resharing is whatever though.. depends on how you interpret the events / how you react to them. As well as the type of articles you choose to bring to your friends’ attention and the type of journalist opinions you allow yourself to be subjected to usually based on the brand name of the source.
Again just my advice to maybe thinking a little wiser.

Exactly how long do you plan to rebump articles about Ferguson or feminism without really doing anything but spending a few minutes reading a few columns of text. This is not an attack, not everyone has the resources to do anything radical for ‘change’ (whatever the fuck that means now), but the idea is to be revolutionary. So despite your limitations whatever they may be you find a way to demonstrate your support by being of use somehow as more than a voyeur. If you can’t think of anything you’ve done to change someone’s flawed oppressive mentality.. maybe even just a conversation where you legitimately changed someone’s perspective (i.e. they didn’t just start agreeing with everything you said just to be ‘with it/down with the struggle’), … if you can’t think of anything you’ve done to help, then literally all you have done is equivalent of watching the news and gawking at it.

"I just did a little cameo in a Charlie XCX video and I saw the video and frankly I thought the video was terrible. And I met the director and frankly - I don’t know his name - he was pretty egotistical and dismissive and I didn’t really enjoy him and I thought ‘Well I’m doing you a favor but okay’ and then I see how he does it, it’s an eighteen-year-old and he’s panning lovingly across her ass. Piss off. That stuff’s so boring to me. [..] You could’ve told a story, you had three and a half minutes to tell a story. Whether it’s a vapid story or not you had three and a half minutes to explore something and you didn’t. I like to hold people accountable for that."

Rose McGowan goes off on sexism in Hollywood, misogyny in the gay community and the male gaze on the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast [x] (via salandered)

How I feel about pretty much all contemporary art. Artists are far too much in the moment to do anything but multiply the phenomena of cultural runoff of flawed western society. Besides that I have no comment to make on feminist politics. There is some sort of intrinsic truth to it but the way in which some of the youth interprets it kinda makes me cringe a little bit. We cannot let the success of these politics be equated with white approval and ‘feminist’ presence within popular culture. It is naive to think you can undermine the vested interest of the commercial industry so easily. & A music video directed by young artists influenced by this industry to create misogynist images is the exact type of sewage ‘runoff’ I am talking about. 

I just want to get paid so I can divert from all my political and spiritual problems for a while and reap the splendorous spoils of imperialistic material hierarchy.

The political topics that are open to forum on social networking sites such as Tumblr, where there is a momentum unpoliced or even accelerated by media conglomerates usually revolve around specificities that decenter the public from the realities of why the conflict exists, thus limiting the possibility of reaching a solution by creating a window that leaves only a small fraction of the situation to be interpreted. Keeping the people in the dark when it comes to the root of the problem.

I don’t have an ‘online persona’. That is the most insulting shit I have ever heard. But I digress… your reenforcement of the idea that the value of internet communication should be expressed merely by empty statements and vacation photos is only extending the dehumanization of your own ego. Furthermore, the social currency of likes is absolutely meaningless to me. I have no desire to contribute to the algorithmic filtration of social networking programming that upholds models of propaganda that limit the spectrum of a more intimate human interaction.
With that being said social networking sites are a mess. I follow maybe two or three people from my state on each one and I use them for meeting people and doing small art collaborations, not to keep dead relationships kindled. I don’t have many outlets where I can speak my mind without having to deal with real world backlash that is socio-economic or even has purely financial repercussions, so yeah.. you’re basically telling me to shut up or that there is something wholesomely wrong with my political theory, but don’t have the research to support your critique without the use of the vocabulary created specifically to stifle ideas like mine. Please read more or educate yourself more without the use of solely an institution or online newspaper headlines. Because it really seems like most of you only read the headline and keep scrolling.

How To Be A Reverse-Racist: An Actual Step by Step List For Oppressing White People


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